Monday, September 27, 2010

Chalkboard Paint!

Gotta love the chalkboard paint! There are so many different things that you can do with it, and I keep seeing new things. There pretty much isn't anything that you can't paint into a chalkboard... I have been waiting for the perfect piece to come along so I can finally get my fix... But here are some fun ideas that other people have come up with...

Design Sponge
I have seen these all over the place, but I just love the idea! A great way to add a little more personality to your garden!

Miss Mustard Seed blog did this amazing makeover on a desk she found at an estate sale. She painted it red, then added the chalkboard paint and the designs to the top. I just love the way it looks with the vintage fan and typewriter on top!

The Style File
Who wouldn't want a whole wall with all that space to draw on! This is an artists need! Can you just picture all the interesting things people would do on there when they came over?!?!

I love the idea of using the paint on appliances! For functionality purposes, the fridge is perfect!

The Trendy Home
Stylish, yet fun!

Severely Vintage
This is a good idea for a family kitchen table. I would have loved it growing up...

Pottery Barn
I like the use of plates, instead of frames. Super cute!

Chalkboard Glassware by Neatorama
Slightly cheesy, but something about it says "FUN!" to me

What have you used chalkboard paint on? I would love to see pics of other people's projects!

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