Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Another great versatile object is trunks. Like benches, they can be used for many different ideas, and come in very handy. Things like this are nice if you live in a small place, cause they double as generally much needed storage

Lonny Magazine.
The lucite trunk is something different. I like it, but I'm not sure I could work it in my house- I like to hide things too much

Alaina Kaczmarki
I love the look of these trunks on top of the table. Absolutely adorable!

Nathan Egan
This nail trimmed trunk is to die for!

William Sonoma
I am really enjoying the texture of this trunk.

Because this room is so large (and spectacular!) they used two trunks as the coffee table, and it works great. I would die to have a room with windows like this!

Another lucite trunk, and I love the chevron rug under!

Trunks work nicely as a side table, or a nightstand. I love the used, vintage feel that they have. It makes it seem more like a home

Where do you keep your trunk? How do you decorate it?

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