Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Entryway/ Foyer

Your first impression upon entering a home has to do with what you first lay your eyes on. If somebody's entrance is cluttered, messy, and dirty, people are naturally going to think that the rest of the house is much the same. This is the reason you should take pride in your entryway and make it reflect what the rest of the house has to offer. Give your guests a sneak peek of what they will soon see.

Now, an entrance doesn't have to be huge, or glamorous in any way. Most people (especially if your renting) have little to nothing to offer as the entryway (as is in my case). There are small things that you can do that will make that space look amazing as well as help you to get out of the house in a more organized and timely manner. A simple little table or shelf, with somewhere to put the keys and maybe a basket to put shoes would help greatly. That is all I have- a small shelf with a jar for keys, wallet, cell phone, ipod - and a little basket to put some shoes in.

I love the fact that entryways are so different from house to house, but they generally are used for the same purpose and with around the same materials. Now, if you have been reading my blog you know that I have a deep devoted love for the console table, and the entrance is a perfect spot for a great console- which has been proved time and time again (picture after picture)

A mirror in your entry is also something that proves to be useful, as well as looks amazing (even more amazing paired with a console!). Its a great spot to check yourself before you leave the house, and do any quick touch-ups. Not to mention the fact that it will generally make the space feel larger and brighter.

If you have the space, another great touch is to add seating of some kind. A great chair is perfect flying solo here, and helps with setting things down upon entering if your hands are full. A chaise lounge would be a great contender, as well as a bench. Its always nice to have a place to sit down and put your shoes on.

If you have a family, functionality is key. This is a good spot to keep accessories for the different seasons, storage of random personal items, school things, and pet supplies. Everything is organized next to the door, and it should make your morning routine a little more simple.

*I love the detail in this staircase! The whole thing is gorgeous!*

Love how they used this small little nook! They added shelves, and made it look great, as well as function perfectly!

*The brown walls and pink sofa are "take your breath away" beautiful. Love it!

*Love the striped painted wood floors! A nice vintage, shabby chic look*

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