Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some hump day fun!

Yesterday was a good day... I spent all morning in class, then spent all afternoon reading and doing lots of homework. So when I got home, I decided I was going to do something fun.

This is what happened...

I decided that the decor that was behind the couch had been there too long-a couple weeks! So I clearly need to re-do it. This is the end result

I am always tweaking little things here and there around the house. But this one spot behind my couch tends to get the brunt of it. I am re-doing it about every other week. I can't help it- I just don't LOVE it and will work till I do.

I took everything away yesterday, and started out with all new things. This is in my love and relationships corner, so I had to keep that in mind while picking items. I went "shopping" all around my house, and looked for some new things that I could use. I ended up with vases, lots of picture frames, and some new plants.

The back wall there is so large, and I just don't know what to put up there. I am always struggling with it (or course if I had money I know what I would put there- a mirror, I just don't have another one lying around)

I had some box frames from Ikea that were there before but they were becoming an eye sore. I took the glass out, and moved it to the back. I decided that would be just the change I needed, and the project that could keep me entertained for a long period of time. I covered the glass with fabric that I had from my table makeover. I wanted it to be somewhat sentimental to me, and not just any random art piece, so I took some of my sister's jewelery that was broken, and placed them in the frames (she died about 3 years ago)

This one I put a fortune that says "Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you" which is symbolic in more than one way, and a crystal that was also my sisters.

I put pearls, and a broken earring in the second one. I like how they both turned out, but am feeling like they might need something else. Any ideas? I was also thinking about painting the frame silver- a strong possibility...

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