Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A vintage vanity

In my quest to make my bedroom more simple, I have been getting rid of things and changing the color scheme to mainly white, for that crisp, clean feeling (of course random punches of color are necessary). While trying to simplify, I am also trying to keep aware of my Bagua areas of the room, and keep it in line with Feng Shui.

Right now I keep all my jewelery closed up in the traditional jewelery boxes and out of sight. I wanted that to change. I am always forgetting about what I have, and stick with the same handful of pieces even though I have a couple jewelery boxes full of goodies. So I decided to put it all out on display and put it in my "Wealth and Prosperity" corner. Perfect!

I decided that I wanted something with a vintage feel, so I hit up my favorite thrift stores and Etsy shops, and found some great inspiration.

I love this vintage tray with all the different glass pieces done by Eddie Ross.

Love the blue!

So, here is where I started for myself. Things that I thought would work in the space that I have and on the table that I am going to use.

I am wanting a mirrored tray, with a border like this one. Although, I am not a fan of gold at all, and would paint it a different color.

The next thing I looked at was all the cool trays and bowls and fun things that I could put my jewelery on...

Love the idea of using a vintage pastry display to stick lots of goodies on! Found the blue one on Etsy here and it is a steal! I think I am going to have to buy it... But I don't think the blue would go with my theme, and so I would paint it white.

The white one is by Laura Ashley

For a little variety and spice, here is another vintage candy server found on Etsy as well. You can find it here.

The table that I am going to use is pretty small, so I am going to need all the height and space I can get my hands on. This surely isn't a problem for me, because I am just going to have to keep searching for fun, new things to set all my treasures on...

This Ethnic Jewelery plate was found on Etsy, but you could use it as many different things. I was thinking if I got something like this and then ran out of room, I could just use it next to the front door for a cute spot to put the keys...

This dessert stand has lots of character, and looks more vintage than the Ethnic one, and I am leaning more towards this rather than the other one... (I wonder why all the shops with vintage materials feel the need to paint everything the same color blue? I mean, its cute, but EVERYTHING is being done this color and its enough for me)

And how cute would this petite chippy shelf be next to all that? Maybe for more jewelery, or a candle, or a mirror... I just love it!

How do you like to display your jewelery? Or do you keep it all closed up in boxes?

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