Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cute Find: Dahlia Jewelery

Oh Dahlia's, how I love you so!
They are gorgeous flowers, and I can never get enough of them. My neighbor has a huge garden full of Dahlias, and I always walk by and stare... They are color inspiration to the fullest!

So many varieties and colors, its unbelievable!

I am loving all the jewelery that I am finding on Etsy with Dahlias. They are too beautiful to pass up, and I think I just might have to splurge on a ring (Well, I guess $10 isn't really considered a splurge)
Anyways, I hope you enjoy and are just as inspired by this amazing flower as I am!

Fall Brooch
Found Here
Green Dahlia Necklace
By Offbeet
Fleur Teal Ring *my favorite*
By MiaBeads
Hair Pins
Found Here
Cherry Blossom adjustable Ring
Found Here on Etsy

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