Thursday, September 9, 2010

A total Knockout

This room was done by Emily A. Clark and it is actually a basement, that was given a lovely makeover. Everything in this room flows together so nicely, and I am very jealous of the people who get to see it everyday!

These chairs and mirror are the first thing that you see when you walk down the stair. I love the red pillows paired with the striped chairs.

And of course, I have deep love for 4 major things in this pic: first and foremost- the console table (doesn't matter what it looks like or what is on top of it-I LOVE the console), then the garden stool (I am still completely drooling over these things), the gourd lamps (again, doesn't matter where or what color-love all of them), and lastly, a nice, decorative, big mirror.

Put it all together, and here is a total knockout room!

I love the combination of the Chevron rug, with the different patterns on the pillows. There is nothing worse than covering up a beautiful rug with a big, chunky, overbearing coffee table, so I love this small glass one. Perfect!

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