Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Altoid Tin projects

I don't know which is better- the little Altoid mints or the super cute tins that they come in... I would always keep the tins, cause I knew that I could use them some time in the future, but I never knew what I could do with them. Here are some super cute ideas that are easy and would make great little gifts!

With some candle wicks, and a little microwaveable wax, you have got yourself a cute, homemade candle! I think this might be a winner for Christmas! Find tutorial Here

These ideas are adorable for your office desk, or even a little something for people to play with on your coffee table! I love the little zen garden and rake! Tutorial via Design Sponge found here

I think that this is my favorite idea. Little succulents would be perfect for these tins cause they don't require too much soil or space. Not to mention the fact that they are really easy to take care of! Other pics and ideas here

When I was a preschool teacher, I would love to plant grass with the kids and then give them a pair of scissors and let them cut it. It was a great way to introduce scissors and get their little hand muscles to start strengthening, plus not as hard to cut as paper. This would have been great to let them each have their own grass garden!

How cute are these little tool boxes??!?! A perfect little storage container for nuts and bolts and random little things that loose their home. I think this would make a cute fathers day gift, or even Christmas with a gift card or something inside. See the tutorial Here

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