Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Decorating a coffee table

The coffee table- along with bookcases- are hard for me to style and I am always changing it up. I am never really sure what to put on my table, or how to put it there so I get stumped easily. I pretty much always tend to stick with some candles, maybe a plant, a couple books, and a box where we keep all the remotes, but I am really inspired by these coffee table vignettes

Trays of course are very universal ( and we all know how much I like universal items!). Its a great way to keep everything corralled onto the table and give it the unity that it requires. I keeps it to look uniformed and gives everything a place to go

I also like the use of books or place mats as a stationary place for items. And of course, a fresh vase of flowers or plant clippings from your yard are a great way to freshen up the space

How do you decorate your coffee table?

Images from House Beautiful, Decor Pad, Massucco Warner Miller, Country Living, and Bazaar of Serendipity

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  1. I'm a big fan of trays - have a couple myself and love them. I use one as a catchall on my vanity and the other on a coffee table ottoman.