Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet Vignettes

Been working on my "Vignette skills" lately, and have found that it is harder than it seems! I always seem to get tired of the ones that I set up, and feel the need to change them more often than I should. I set off for some inspiration, and have been hard at work the past couple days around my own house- practicing.

Here are some that I especially loved and was inspired by...

The Happy Home
I adore this sweet set up. I love the frame especially and the pop of color with the flowers.

Purple, lime green, and teal- my favorite combo! These little vases are just adorable!

Peacock Feathers
This girl knows how to work it! I look through pics of her home, and instantly want to do mine all over again. She has such a great eclectic, colorful style that I find extremely inspiring. I think she is especially talented at creating Vignettes.

I always love the idea of covering books. This is a very sweet set up, and I love the clean, Asian feel. So crisp and comfortable!

Perfect. All the things put together make me want to travel...

I love the lamps! The fish vase is a super adorable touch

Bright, simple, and earthy. I like the look of the plant on a tall stack of books as oppose to a short stack.

Clutter is probably my biggest pet peeve. I just can't handle it. If most of the things in this pic were different colors, it would look cluttered- but they are all white and blue, so they look stunning all together and clutter free. Stashing that info away mentally...

Just a couple of small sweet things put together to make a sweet set up. Love the use of the boxes! It adds the perfect amount of depth and height.

Do you have any tips on how to create a sweet, simple vignette? What kinds of things do you like to use? Would love to hear some feedback!

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