Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coffe table decor and touches of fall!

Yesterday I did a post about coffee table decor, so today I thought I would share what I now have on my table.

Instead of using a tray, I opted for a couple of art/photography books. On top of them I added a plant, a shell my mother in law gave me, and a cute little acorn box thing (the lid comes off and the bottom looks like a cup). I figured it was perfect for the fall!

This is another little decor I have on a different table in the living room. There are a couple books on a glass tray (The book on the bottom is called "Nosepicking for Pleasure" by Roland Flicket which I think is absolutely hysterical!). I had another acorn cup and added it here for another fall touch

The way that this pic turned out makes the Japanese maple leaves look worn and tired, but they really aren't- just a dark red. I spray painted these fake pumpkins a little while ago, and they make a new appearance somewhere in the house on a weekly basis. This week I put them in a glass tray that has a little lip, along with the little black vase with clippings from the yard. To finish off the look and add a little more "earth" I filled the tray with small rocks

This piece sits behind the sofa, and gives it a nice fall touch. I put some more Maple clippings and branches from the yard in a mini silver vase, added some small silver pumpkins, and filled the space around them with little rocks. I like the over-all look and I think that the two candles on either side really finish off the look.

I am always changing up this space, cause I feel like it is a real pain in the butt. I decorate it one way and really like it, but then a week or so later I look at it and think "this is boring! Something needs to change!" and then I spend time fiddling with it and adding new/different things- which always ends up changing another part of the house and is an on-going battle I have. The table here is behind the sofa, and is actually sitting on top of the heater to hide it. We have a super small place, and dont really need the heater (even in the winter) cause all we need to do is cook a meal and the whole house is warm. This heater has become the bane of my existence!

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