Sunday, October 24, 2010

Using books in Decor

This might be a broad assumption- but I am assuming that the majority of us have tons of books lying around our house- I know I do. Since I don't actually have a bookshelf I have had to result in finding other, more creative, ways to store all my treasured books. I use them in my decor, and all around my house. They elevate small items, are entertaining, and bring more interest in random, everyday decor.

Having books around your coffee table is a great conversation starter. Right now, I have a couple of photography/art books on my coffee table and they bring lots of interesting conversation to the table with guests

I love this photo. The books are interesting, and add that "wow" factor to this space. It brings in the height, and is also an art piece in itself- It would take some serious thought to be able to stack them in just the right positions and sizes. Well done!

If you have tons upon tons of books, a great idea is to use them as your coffee table or an end table. I just love this look. It really says "home" and to be honest- "knowledge". If you have that many books in your home, my mind automatically thinks that you have read at least half of them-probably more- therefore, you are knowledgeable because you have read that many books- regardless of what they are about. That might just be me though...

Using your books as a display is a wise choice. I love the way they look, and I think that they really bring personality into any room/space. You really can tell a lot about a person by what they read- what they are interested in.

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