Monday, October 11, 2010

Mini Bedroom makeover

Due to my non-existent budget, my room has been the same boring drab of a room since we moved in. Everything in there was really hard, and pointy- the opposite of how a room should be. I want my bedroom to be a place of relaxation and softness, and decided that I was probably going to sleep better at night if I just made the changes that were necessary.

So here are two before pictures...

The square lamp in the corner, the rectangle window, the point of the bed and (not shown in picture) the square inside squares rug under the bed are all things that made the room feel way too hard and uncomfortable

The After

I went to Ross and got some super cheap window panels, which added instant softness, changed out the square lamp for a sphere lantern (still need to get the cord attached which is why it looks off center). I also took a small circular table from outside that was in the garden, and added some batting to it and covered it with some fabric and have myself a nice little stool!

The cozy blanket at the end of the bed adds another element of softness and texture. The biggest difference here is just the curtains and the rod, which I couldn't be more stoked on. Its just what the room needed, and as a result I have slept WAY better in the past couple nights!

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