Monday, October 18, 2010

Owl Vignette

Not too sure why, but I am drawn to owls a lot lately, and found out that I am not alone! I was doing a little digging, and "research" (aka looking at pretty pictures) around Vignette's and some inspirations for doing them because I am not feeling super inspired by the things that I have around my house. When we moved into this small place, I felt the need to get rid of anything that I didn't love or use often, and as a result, I have little to work with now.

Anyways, I was feeling super inspired by a cute little owl statue that I saw at Ross (think I might need to go back for one) and this is what transpired...

Via Flikr
Loving the Cradenza, and the two brass owls.

Peacock Feathers

Casa Sugar
Sweet and simple!

Peacock Feathers
Did you notice this owl pic in the background a few pics ago?

Oh Joy
Owl Vase with flowers. Sweet

See the little owl on the left? Here is a close up...
Via Flikr

Decor Pad
I like the white ceramic owls! This short fat one is adorable, and looks cute paired with the taller skinny one.

Peacock Feathers
*She really loves the owls! And has a fabulous collection of things in her home. You really should check it out*

Hey now, Woah now
Hey there little guy! (on the left)

What an interesting table/shelf! The owl tray above is too cute for words...

Wise beyond your years...

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