Wednesday, October 6, 2010

House Plants

My mom is the plant lady. She always has been. Growing up, we had plants EVERYWHERE and even did activities involving plants. I never understood the obsession that she had for her plants and her garden- it just didn't make sense to me, and I thought that life would be so much more simple for her if she didn't have all these plants to take care of. I can remember one time we were on a family vacation and drove up to Canada with some other family members where we just HAD to make a day out of going to the botanical gardens. I was completely and utterly bored out of my mind, and thought it was super lame that we had to waste our day with plants.

My thinking completely changed when I moved out of my moms house. My first apartment was drab, and boring and had no life in it. The first thing I noticed that I needed was some plants- I figured it would make it feel more like a home to me, and I was right. Now, (several apartments later) I want nothing more than for my house to be filled with green, luscious, healthy plants, and I still look around and think "This corner would be perfect if it just had a plant there" or " This table needs something- a plant". I can't help it- like mother like daughter.

I don't see enough of the greenery when I am surfing the web for inspiration, and that is such a shame. A plant will really make a house feel like a home, and will add that final, finishing touch that is needed.

Just one big tree makes this living room feel warm, and touched.

I love plants best when they are scattered throughout the room. It brings a sense of unity and makes everything flow

Most of all, I love them when they are in cute little groupings. Three plants together on the floor is better than only one plant. Like I keep saying- it makes it more of a home

Images via Apartment Therapy, Country living, Decor Pad, and Country style

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