Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pillow talk

Pillows really do make the world of a difference in any room. They are the perfect accessory- varying in size, shape, color, pattern, texture, softness, and overall appeal. You can have a neutral room, and lots of interesting pillows, and your whole space will look colorful and comfortable.

I am in the process of trying to find the perfect pillows for my living room so this is an inspirational post indeed!

I believe anybody can tell that I really like purple, and I also really like the lotus flower (hence the header) and even have a tattoo of a purple lotus flower. Having said that, how much do you think I love these pillows? A LOT!!!!!

Layering them in any place or room brings in color, pattern, and textures to any space. They are a great accent to the bed, and the other colors that are around the room.

I love this space! The pillows and the lamp add nice pattern and interest, while the branch vase with the flowers, the baskets on the shelf, and the curtains, add fabulous texture! All playing off the same neutral colors. I love it. The pattern on these pillows is one of my favorite patterns.

Here are some pillows that I found that I would just love to have in my house!

These from Crate & Barrel are fabulous!

I love the pattern and the bold color of the first, and I especially love peacocks. I have been wanting a peacock pillow for a long time...

The oh so talented Jonathan Adler always has fabulous things and his pillows definitely aren't an exception!

Mmmm look at all that color! I love this design! This pillow could go with anything, in any room!

Love the boldness!
Of course I had to put in another peacock pillow!

And when it comes to pillows, we can't ever leave out the amazing selection from Anthropologie!

Again with the owls... They are just too cute!

Great spring pillows!

My sister would have gone crazy over this pillow! I would love it on my bed right now. It would be just the perfect touch to my otherwise white room, and it would give it a more cozy-homey feel.

Love the dark pattern with a punch of yellow! These on a couch, with yellow gourd lamps on a console table just behind the couch. So adorable!

I must say, this one is probably my favorite. I love the bold lines, and the pop of the red and pink. My living room would look awesome with these pillows! They might be a little too girly for my man though...

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