Monday, October 4, 2010

Bringing in a touch of fall

After sitting around my house on Friday-bored out of my mind- I decided it was the day to do something crafty, and bring the fall into my house. I went to the Dollar Store, where I scored some fake pumpkins, then went to my favorite thrift stores where I scored some other goodies (more on that later, I just took one picture for all the things I picked up that day)

I had some left over silver spray paint from my Lamp makeover so I used that on the pumpkins. I put them in a wooden bowl I got from Ikea, and they make a cute little centerpiece on the dining table.

I thought they turned out really cute, and they work well with all the other decor I have in the house. The orange would have been a sore thumb in my house...

I also used the silver spray paint on some box frames that I had. I had already put the fabric on the back, and used some of my sisters jewelry to decorate them, but they used to be black, and I wanted something a little different. Now that they are done, I'm not too sure how I feel about the silver, but I am going to just sit on that for a while.

I stuck the little silver vase I had inside one of them, and put mini pumpkins on them as well. I like the little pumpkins, they look really cute up there.

What do you think about the silver? I feel like it doesn't make them pop as much, and they kind of blend into the wall... Maybe another fabric?

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