Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cute Find: Hanging AirPlant Pod

I'm loving these Air Plant Pods! How unique, and what a great idea! This is a great way to add low-care plants to a space that can't otherwise grow plants, or for a person who isn't lucky enough to have a green thumb. I just love them!

Found these wall bubbles at Poppy Talk
For more information on them and where to get them look at Flora Grubb Gardens

I found these ones at Sunset and really fell in love with the shape. I love the look of the sand in the bottom- very beach cottage

The last three I found on Etsy Here

How cool is it that you can hang a plant upside down?!?! That just goes to show how easy these plants are to take care of! They require little to no attention from you and will live for a long time.

Super adorable

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