Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Got Rocks?

I love using tons of natural products in my decor. I like having that reminder all around me- and keeping in touch with my hippie side. That said, here are some cute ideas to incorporate rocks into your home in a stylish, fashionable, and functional way

I thought this idea was really cute. I was actually thinking that this would be adorable as Easter Eggs, for that family that can afford dyes and eggs, or for those people who just don't enjoy eating eggs, or for the "green" family. These would also look cute in a vase, or bowl surrounded by un-wrapped rocks. It looks to be pretty easy, just wrap string around a rock and then secure it somehow...

I have a wooden bowl just like this, and some different things around that would be fun. I mainly love the moss balls- or you could even plant a succulent or something. Its a cute little way to bring the outside, indoors!

Rocks on top of your plants are super cute. I actually started doing this because my cats were all into the dirt- but also love the way it looks

Adorable! Using rocks as bookends!

Love this look! Using rocks as decor and as a coat/purse hanger

Thought this was a cute idea- using rocks as a guest book at your wedding. Use permanent marker to make sure the names stick, then maybe stick them in a vase or something, names visible and you have a cute, and unique display in your home!

Images from Real Simple

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