Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My newest Obsession: Damask Pattern

Been keenly eying this pattern a lot lately. I love how its intricate, yet bold, and fun, yet classy it is. All the way around, its a great pattern!

This room is a little too pink for my own personal taste, but I do enjoy looking at it. Some day, I am going to own chairs just like these ones (maybe a different color- but if somebody handed these ones to me, I would be much grateful and keep them!)

This image from Decor Pad, is one of my all time favorite images. That gold damask wallpaper in those panels is to die for! I am really interested in seeing that other pink and gold piece of furniture too...

Damask drapes really bring in the drama! *These would be cute in a teenage girls room*

Damask martini glass and shaker. Sophistication to the max! From This Next

I adore ANY damask rug. It doesn't really matter the color, size, shape- I love them all! They really bring the pattern into any room, but are still subtle, and gentle at the same time. Isn't this play room from Bungalow Insanity fabulous! I just love the green walls, with the pink lamps- and that pic in the middle is ADORABLE!

Damask Lamp shades from Shades of Light
*Keeping a mental note of this* When I get tired of my boring white lamp shade, this would be a great upgrade- or for the lamp I am going to make for the bedroom could be spiced up with this lovely pattern.

Mirrored Damask votive holders are a great addition to any space! They are especially festive too! Found at Style Unveiled

Damask wall decals from Etsy
I would love these above my bed! Its a great alternative to wallpaper, especially if you are a renter- like me

Reclaimed wood frame. This would be a really fun and cool project to do! I'm sure it could be made pretty easily, and would make a great holiday gift to a loved one with a cute pic inside! Found at Green Your Decor

Glass Damask Tile Magnets from Etsy
Talk about a stylish way to add glam to your fridge!

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