Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boot Tray

Since we are getting into that time of year, I am thinking of different things that I can do to make my house function a little better in the wet seasons... Here is an idea that I am going to have to try- A boot tray. An easy, cheap project that will keep my entrance nice and dry in the rain.

You can use an empty tray, but I personally like a little more texture and pizzaz than that, so I would go for rocks on the bottom of the tray. I like the way they look, and think they function a little better than an empty tray- the water would drip to the bottom as opposed to puddling up under the boots

Anybody ever done this? I am wondering if it would be more practical to actually somehow glue the rocks down, that way when the water drips off the boots onto the tray, you can just then dump the water out without having to deal with the rocks going everywhere...

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