Monday, November 15, 2010

Wine Bottle Vase

I was feeling pretty bored, and wanted to be a little creative last week, so decided that I needed a craft to do. I had an empty wine bottle laying around, and thought that it would make the perfect vase for a branch. I originally went out into the yard and collected a couple of "worthy" branches and then decided that I was going to make blossoms on them, and have it look like a cherry blossom branch.

I read somewhere that it was a lot easier to paint over glass if you frost it first, so I went to Home Depot, and got some Frosted Glass spray paint- I figured I could use it for other projects too.

I was pretty impressed with it! It only took 2 coats and the glass was pretty frosted.

After that dried for a while, I was able to use white spray paint on top of it and it only took 2 coats for that to stick. I then took some twine and wrapped it around the neck of the bottle (to hide the metal label I couldn't get off) and the bottom of the bottle and secured it with a hot glue gun.

So, I said that my original plan was to make the branch, but one day I had some time to kill and so I took a super old gift certificate and went to a local bakery/gift shop and decided to spend my gift card. The glory of gift cards is that you can buy things that you wouldn't normally spend your own money on- thats just what I did. I found this beautiful branch with crystal flowers and leaves on it and thought it was perfect so I bought it.

Here is everything done and set up...

A close-up of the flowers...

A couple of weeks ago I went into Ross and saw this amazing mirror- only back then it was $20. I put it back on the shelf and kept wishing- I just wasn't willing to spend that much money. I went back like a week later and the mirror was on sale for $8.99 so of course I snagged it up! It fits perfect on the wall behind my couch and looks great with the flower and vase!

Pretty stoked on how everything turned out!

What do you think?

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