Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shutter Projects

I have Shutter envy after looking at all these cool projects! How badly I want to get my little hands on some shutters and put them to good use around the house!

Shutter message center
DIY Ideas
A great way for the family to stay organized, and look good doing it!

Shutter wall display/ memo board from The Tortoise and the Hare
This seems like a simple enough project to do on your own...

A shutter wall! How incredibly creative and attractive! In my dream home, I want a sun room, and I think a shutter wall would be adorable on one wall in there. I am actually drooling right now... Check it out at Olive and Love

Love how Paisley Wallpaper turned her shutters into a jewelery case. It looks adorable open, or closed!

The contrast on her shutters at A Glimpse Inside is fabulous! Its fun, and can easily be changed out for a different look!

Shutter Shelf by My Repurposed Life
Cute in any room, or even outside

Shutter Bench by My Repurposed Life
I have been wanting to do my deck in a Shabby Chic style, and something like this would be perfect!

What have you used shutters for recently?

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