Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nature in Decor: Branches

I have been seeing a couple of really great branches around my yard lately, and it got me thinking. I just love bringing any aspects of nature, and the outdoors, inside- so I looked around at how other people use branches inside.

Wild and a little crazy too! It looks cool for a cabin maybe, but I don't think I would have this chair in my own home.

I most certainly would have this end table in my house though! I think its fabulous!

Manolo Home
I love the idea of painting a great branch and using it as decor somewhere up high.

Get Married
Branches in a centerpiece are always stunning and amazing looking!

Elle Decor
I used to have a log bed- but it looking nothing like this one! Mine was just like a log cabin bed (needed a bed frame and thats what was in the attic at the time). But I like the look of the branches up at the top of the posts.

Apartment Therapy
How clever! I adore this idea- a hat/coat rack out of a branch!

This might be my favorite! Manzanita branches are a great shape, and are strong. Perfect for a jewelery holder!

Had to throw this in there... For those of you who don't have a fireplace- you can use a branch to hang your stockings! I love this idea- its super cute!


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