Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Around the World: Greece

I saw this adorable little cottage on a drive by the other day, and that is where this inspiration came from. The cottage was white, with a blue door that had been weathered (next to the ocean this is typical) and there were different colored pots near the door with lots of colorful flowers in them. I couldn't help but think that it looked like a vacation, and it reminded me of Greece. Although I've never been there before, I sure would love to go!

Heres why...

The ocean is so soothing, and all the crisp colors are relaxing. I love the clean white, with the sharp blues and reds

This hotel in Greece certainly has my attention! I would die to stay in there!!! The white back drop paired with colors is amazing. Again- so soothing and relaxing!

When I go to Greece, I will be sure to look up the Perivolas hotel in Santorini.
And look at the architecture! So interesting and fun!

Seriously- a Dream! Who wouldn't want to vacation there?

I think the thing I love most about Greek design is the simplicity. I love how there isn't a whole lot to it, and it still says Home. The colors and the graphic designs are simple as well, and mesh together to create a welcoming, serene environment.

What do you think? Do you love it as much as me?

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