Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vase Fillers

I have a couple of really tall, skinny, clear vases that I love, but because of the size, I am always looking for something new to fill them. Here are a couple different ideas...

For those of us who live near the beach, shells, sand, and beach glass are a given for filling any vase or glass container.
In my vases right now, I have sand with some shells on top...

Rocks. Classic. Beautiful.

A fun and interesting way to store your fruit!

This would be a cute little centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table

Cranberries are great for the holidays- both Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Bells are a cute way to bring in more sparkle

Always a classic- ornaments. I am definitely going to do this this year...

Have any of you guys seen this stuff before? Its fabulous. They are little gel balls that absorb all the water, to keep your plants happy, and make your space look a little different. I actually discovered these while teaching- they are non toxic, squishy, grow (they start out as small as a grain of sand), pop when you squeeze them, and bounce pretty high on a hard surface. In other words- they are AMAZING for preschoolers!!

I think these Deco Beads are pretty cool all the way around. I just love how they look, and they come in all different colors- or you can get clear ones and dye them yourself. They are definitely a rad vase filler, and if you have little ones you should give this a try with them-Fun!

On a side note- I heard if you put a penny at the bottom of your vase, your Tulips won't bend and get all limp like that. I tried it, and it seemed to work- or maybe my mind just wanted it to, so that's what it saw...

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