Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Wreaths

So, this weekend I was looking for a different, unique wreath to do other than the traditional wreath. I thought I would share some amazing ideas that I came across...

Country Living
Photograph wreath
Simply arrange photos into a circle with double sided tape on the wall

Country Living
Scarf Wreath
How cozy! Wrap scarves around a Styrofoam wreath base

Country Living
Edible Herbs
Sage, Oregano, Rosemary, Bay Leaves
A great gift for the host/ess cook!

Country Living
Pinecone wreath
Spray paint, and glue!
Country Living
Yarn ball wreath
Simple enough! Yarn balls attached together!

Country Living
Felt Wreath
Felt works wonders, I tell ya! This one is all Poinsettias, but there are tons of different options with felt

Good Housekeeping
Fan Wreath
Bunch up paper to make fans, secure in the middle, and attach together

Good Housekeeping
Cork Wreath
A fabulous idea for all those wine corks from the many holiday parties you are sure to attend!

Good Housekeeping
Berry Wreath
I love the way this looks. You can use real ones or fake ones, and just attach either to a base, or tie the ends in the middle

Good Housekeeping
Square leaf wreath
I like the square shape instead of the traditional circle

Good Housekeeping
Tie wreath
What a clever idea! Use his ties (or get some from goodwill) and secure them together for this handsome little wreath

Good Housekeeping
Recycled wreath
LOVE this idea! Use old holiday cards, cut them into a holly shape and glue on a base. If you don't have old cards you can use holiday paper and get the same adorable effect.

Good Housekeeping
Folded star wreath
I'm sure you could look up online how to fold a paper 3D star, then simply glue or tape them to a wire base. Super cute!

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