Monday, November 15, 2010

A Shelf Makeover

Or two rather...
I tend to get over the decor on my carved shelves pretty easily, and haven't really found a design that I am over -the- moon in love with which means these shelves get made-over often. Not as often as behind the couch though...
I took a small trip to Ross (which in my opinion is better than some thrift stores because of the pricing) and came home with a couple different accessories -and was very happy with the end result!
Anyways, here are the new and improved shelves:

Still in love with my owl friend- can't get enough of him. I set him on a candle holder that was a thrift store find which I painted, and put an empty frame behind the candle and holder. I just love the colors all together and am pretty in love with the whole set up

The blue pillars are from Ross, and I am totally in love with them too! I didn't have another candle to put on the smaller one, so I stuck a picture of me and my honey up there instead.

This is my Fall contribution for the shelf. My acorn box, with a spray painted mini pumpkin on a little white tray, on top of small books- even though I have had the bottom one for a while, it still cracks me up whenever I look at it!

I also scored this sweet little flower bowl that I love! Right now it is sitting on the tray I made over on top of the coffee table with a candle in it

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