Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Picture Walls

With more and more wall space available to me, I am finding myself being drawn to the idea of clustering all my pics together in a cute and stylish way. My very first apartment, I had a sheer curtain hanging from a bamboo rod on an empty wall, then hung various pics and things up on top of the curtain. I loved the way it looked, and have been keeping that in the back of my mind for my empty walls in the new house.

Studio 193 Photography
That wallpaper is amazing! I love all the richness it brings into the space, and the colors are super fun. When I think about a cluster wall, I think about all the pieces having some distance between them, but I love the way this wall looks with the different sizes all close together. It adds to the richness of the room!

I am a total sucker for empty picture frames on the wall (or anywhere for that matter). I love the interest it brings without making the space feel cluttered and squished. There are so many different frames out there that are art pieces in themselves, and would be amazing showcased with members of its own kind

Living Etc
Keeping the frames the same color keeps a unified look, and the different textures of the different frames keeps the interest high as well.

I like the idea of putting a small picture inside a bigger empty frame on the wall too. This pic is just adorable!

Casa Sugar
This is a super cute idea! Keeping the pics all together in some type of way is a little more visually organized for me- I can really see the space and the individual pieces better. I love the idea of drawing interest with a painted space just for framed pics.

BBC Home
What an adorable idea for a kitchen! A cute way to store things, as well as keep them on display and draw interest onto your walls!

Apartment Therapy
In an otherwise blank room, these pics really bring in color, and pattern. This is a cute way to keep a neutral palate but bring in any type of texture, pattern or color and the glory of all of it? You can change it out easily with pics, magazine clippings, postcards or any other things for a whole new look!

Apartment 132 Blog
I adore this picture frame! Its not exactly the same thing that I have been talking about, but I really like the way all the small pics look together. Cute!

A Beautiful Mess
A small, simple, yet fun gathering. Very retro, vintage! I have been wanting a table like that for years now!

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