Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bedside Lamps

I am attempting to give my bedroom a makeover, on a little to non-existent budget over the next few months... We shall see how that goes, but I already have a plan in my head that I think is going to be fun, cheap, and look great! Since my new bedspread is very colorful, the plan is to paint the new nightstands (shopping around the house) black to go with our black bedframe, and then bring in a little more pops of color with accessories.

One of those accessories being the bedside lamps. Now, (bear with me here for a moment) my bedroom happens to be in the wealth and prosperity center of my house according to Feng Shui -which I am used to- therefore I am going with different colors of purple in the accessories to promote all the wealth and prosperity I can. At least thats the plan, but I wouldn't doubt that will change while I'm in the process of the makeover. Sooo.... I am needing to get a new lamp for the nightstand, and my thought was to get one that worked from the goodwill cause you can get them for a couple bucks and then paint it and whatnot to make it mine.

I'm thinking colors and maybe shape like these...

I especially LOVE this second purple color! What a great pop that would add!!!

Here are some other lamps that I thought were amazing and inspirational as well...

I love all the shapes and the texture in this room! That lamp is perfect, and I'm sure it sets off a fabulous soft glow!

Real Simple
I adore the shape and the pattern of this lamp, however I think that in my own space, this just takes up too much of the nightstand. I like to have room on the surface for my jewelery, a book, and a glass of water without being worried about spilling all over my book in the middle of the night cause everything is too close together and there isn't enough space.

Real Simple
Something with a skinny base, and smaller shade are perfect. They leave enough room on the table without compromising your light

I like the shape of this lamp, and the square shade. Very interesting and unique

Good Housekeeping
On one hand you can go bold with color, on the other hand, you can go with no color and keep it simple...

Decor Pad
I tend to like the no color just as much... I just wish these types of lamps were cheap! I've never seen one like this in the thrift stores!

Decor Pad
Can you tell this is my favorite style?
I love the clear balls- the simplicity of it all...

Another thought that I have thrown around is hanging a light from the ceiling. The only thing holding me back is the fact that in order for it to be at the right height, you need to have a long cord from the ceiling... Not a big fan of that, and I can just picture my two cats swatting at it to keep themselves entertained!

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