Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Appreciation of some Favorites

With the mighty task of moving, comes the exhilarating and weight-lifting task of purging. I have been going through EVERYTHING I own, and asking "Do I really need this?" "Have/will I use it?" and if the answer is no, it is getting tossed to take to either friends or goodwill. I already went through my clothes and got rid of about 3 garbage bags of old clothes. During this process, I have come to have a new found love for some things around the house. Sometimes I don't really take the time to appreciate all the great pieces and things I have around me, before I think I have to have something new, or different.

This is my tribute and appreciation to some of those amazing things I have in my house...

This little bamboo plant and it's current home. This plant was something I got for my boyfriend right after his best friend died. After that, our cats got a hold of it and mangled and chewed this poor plant. We have been giving it extra loving since then, and it even has some new shoots! I love the way it looks in that basket with the brooch on it

My purple vases and how they hold my jewelery. Something about this makes me very happy

I got this lamp at IKEA several years ago, and it is still one of my favorites! I love the way it hangs on the wall, and isn't your typical lamp. It is one of the things everybody compliments in my house.

Carved Shelves. I posted a little about them at my old house here and then posted about a makeover here. I love the uniqueness of these shelves, and I love all the detail in them.

My owl friend here continues to be a pleasant thing to look at!

Mirrors. I got a huge one like this at homegoods, then found the smaller one at Ross a couple weeks later. The detail is amazing, and they go with anything and look good no matter where I put them!

The fish tank and the Zocolo table it sits on. My boyfriend found this table on the side of the road a while back, and it is still one of my favorites. I love the shape and the clean, crisp lines to it. The fish tank is always entertaining. We sit there and stare at it for hours! I love the snails and they are my favorite to watch circling the tank.

I'm obsessed with sea turtles. They are such graceful, peaceful, amazing creatures.

My mom and her boyfriend are quite the artistic couple! She does stained glass, and he does paintings (check out some of his work on his website). For my birthday one year, this was my gift! Kris designed the piece, and my mom created it! I love this thing more than words can say, and it will always be a favorite if mine!

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