Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Juju Hats

I must admit, when I first saw these, I thought "EWWW those are super tacky!" They just reminded me of birds (which I'm sorry to say- I hate). I got over that really fast once I saw a closeup of these pretty babies! And now I would love to have one in my bedroom! I am really enjoying all the colors and the soft, plush texture that it brings into a room.

Table Tonic has an amazing collection of Juju hats, as well as some other fabulous things (like the Suzani bedspread I have been eying for years now).

I love the look of this room! The mirrored nightstands and the Venetian mirrors are gorgeous with the Suzani bedspread!

They come in a wide variety of colors!

What Anna Loves
I especially love the ones that have two different colors in them!

Via This is Glamorous
Keeping it all white is so relaxing and cozy! Its a great way to bring in tons of different patterns and textures, especially with the juju hat on the wall!

HGTV Myles of Style
Love her show! I think she has amazing style! I really adore this dining room makeover that she did, and I love how the juju hat is the centerpiece on the wall! I think it goes so perfect with the rest of the room.

Table Tonic
How amazing is that purple on the green wall?!?!?! So rich, and fun! I love it!!!!!!

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