Monday, January 24, 2011

Dining nook

Not too sure why, but whenever we have people over everybody always migrates and stays in the kitchen and dining room. This is a pattern that I have noticed for along time, so in our new house I decided to make sure we had as much seating as I could muster. So, I added a small table and a couple more chairs to the dining room on the wall across from the table. When we moved in I immediately decorated for Christmas, so that is the only before pic I have.

It had to come down some time, so I fixed up this quick set up just this past weekend. The table had been empty before that...

A plant, a couple "healthy" books, and a cute little plaque make this space fresh. This spot gets tons of sunlight, so I am hoping the plant will look a little happier. It already looks less droopy than before

The purple plaque says "BREATHE It's your only obligation". When I am feeling down, or upset, or overwhelmed, I remember that if I can just breathe I will make it through whatever there is... A nice reminder!

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