Monday, January 10, 2011

Newest Obsession: Crochet

When I was younger, I remember sitting at a table during recess and crocheting a blanket for my dolls. Ya, I was that kid. It was just such a soothing activity, and I love being able to keep my hands busy and watch a movie, or tv show, or talking with a friend and cup of coffee- its just fun for me. Anyways, I ended up stopping at some point in time and took a very extended break from it. That is, until recently...

I simply had a random craving to crochet. It really is amazing just how many cool projects are out there, and how many talented people are out there as well! I found a couple things that I would love to try to make...

Craft Stylish
Ring bracelet- easy enough!

Creative Yarn
Lotus Flower Cuff- Must learn how to make!

Creative Yarn
Headband with Flower

Button-Bedecked headband

Crochet flowers, and how to embellish them

Aprils Junk
Wrist warmer

And, a peek at what I'm currently working on...

It has been my complete obsession over the past couple days, and I have been working at it non-stop every minute I get. Simple enough, and extremely entertaining!


  1. Hello! Good job on the crochet - what are you making Meghan?

  2. Thanks Tracey! I started basic, and am using a double crochet to make a blanket. I found this yarn, and immediately knew it would be warm and soft as a blanket. You crochet too don't you? Any advice for a beginner?