Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Button Projects

I saw this adorable picture made out of buttons when I was browsing around Homegoods yesterday, and thought I would give it a try one of these days... Anyways, that got me to thinking about some other crafts that might be fun with buttons so I peeked around to see if anything caught my eye. I am always looking for something to help keep me busy, cause when I'm not in school I am bored and need something to help occupy my time. Right now I am working on a little something, but I think that will be done soon and I need another craft after that...

Artful Parent
I know Valentines day isn't soon, but I just love the way this heart looks. This would be cute framed with a pic of you and your loved one

In love with this idea! Just might need to give it a try! What an adorable little project to do, and it can stay around forever!

This would be a cute thing to do with the children I nannny, to give to their mom- she would be so happy, and the kids love doing anything with buttons!

Ellen Hutson
This card is adorable! Nothing beats a homemade card from the person who gives it to you. That was my sisters trademark! She would make these really silly, funny cards for people for their birthdays, and we all used to look forward to what crazy thing she was going to come up with next... Gonna miss that...

Craft Log
An interesting, fun idea. I love the layered way this looks! Although, I would need more supplies to do something like this than necessary

Button Coaster from Craft Stylish
What a great idea! You can use tons of different colors, shapes, and sizes for the buttons, and then there are many different options for the string color as well! Click on the name for tutorial


  1. These button projects are the cutest. I'll have to check out that button coaster tutorial.


  2. These are wonderful button projects!
    And great variation... As you show, there is so much more that can be done with buttons than just jewelry.