Wednesday, January 26, 2011

White Vignette

Nothing like a couple of sweet little vignette pics to keep a girl happy, and inspired...

White Vignettes with a winter feel (mostly)

Decor Allure
Love the window! I like how this entry looks almost like a fireplace mantel. Adorable

I love the white branches in the pitcher, and the twig wreath in the back. A great way to bring the beauty of nature inside- even in the barest months.

Star Shine Chic
The mirror and bottles are perfect together!

Song Bird is Nesting
The queen of Vignettes! Truly! This is more spring, but I couldn't help throw it in here. The single tulip or pair in each bottle is sweet. Serene...

Song Bird is Nesting
I like the pop of color, and the tiny stack of driftwood pieces. Even though this is almost all white, there are bits of texture all around- making it more rich

Timeless. Simple. Love.

Fingerprints on the Fridge
Sidebar from the winter vibe- I thought I would throw this in here too. I'm not one for Valentines day, and actually strongly dislike the holiday. And its not because I am a bitter, single girl (no offense to those who are) I just think its a ridiculous "holiday". That and I actually really can't stand the colors. Red, pink, purple, and white- a little too fru-fru for me personally. That being said, I actually really enjoyed this sweet little set up. Not too much pink, and the turquoise is a nice off set color. Not to mention the pic of the couple is super cute!

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