Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cute Find: Letterpress Calendars

Last year, I made my own calendar using magnets and decorative paper, but this year I was thinking I wanted to do something different. I still wanted to make my own calendar (a nice thing to look forward to every month- a new creation!). I thought I would take a look around for an idea of the layout that I wanted to go for, and I found some really cute calendars that I totally adore. I love this style, cause its simple and stylish. There are so many different designs, and I love the texture to them. When the year is over, they will make cute art pieces!

Pistachio Press

Felt & Wire Shop

My Owl Barn
Since I am a big owl fan, it should go without saying "I love these!"
You can create your own calender by simply downloading the PDF file. AMAZING!!


Seesaw Letterpress
I like how the calendar part is separate and the paper is perforated so its easy to frame when your done! Great idea!

And another owl one. Since moving into our new house, I have noticed there is an owl somewhere in the neighborhood. I can hear it all the time. Love it! They are such amazing birds!

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