Monday, January 24, 2011

A little sketching and coloring

The weather this past week has been beyond amazing. I have been spending so much time outside and I really enjoying the sunshine and the heat (Although I miss winter). I spent my Sunday afternoon like this...

I was lucky enough to sit down and spend the day doing nothing. I had lunch on the grass, drew a little, read, listened to music, and watched the cats hunt (unsuccessfully) for birds.

Been taking some time with a pen and some colored pencils and crayons and just letting my mind take me where ever it pleases. I love just letting my creative side take course and being pleasantly surprised with the result.

Thought I would give you a tiny peek at what I have been doing lately

I used to love to water color, and did it often- but one year in high school I put a piece in an art show, and heard another group of students say that my painting was terrible and they couldn't believe that the artist thought it was good enough to go in a show. That and then my art teacher would give me an F on some projects that I thought were amazing. My moral quickly denigrated along with my confidence. Since then, I have really wanted and needed another outlet for my creative side, and tried to pick up watercolors again, just to be disappointed. So, in come the pen and a blank piece of paper and I am satisfied!

Picked up a random envelope and just went for it.

Crayons and colored pencils made for a great play with color

I love flowers. I love looking at them in real life, in photos, on paper, I love flowers. Its no wonder that flower are the first thing I tend to draw anywhere

I find this process to be relaxing, and I can just let my mind wander.

One of my favorite things to do is day dream- which is exactly what drawing lets me do

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