Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mirrored Furniture

Something about it is so chic and glamorous. I love a good mirrored piece in an otherwise subdued space, cause it really brings extra pizzaz and interest.

Pheobe Howard
The soft pinks and whites really make this room peaceful- then you add the mirrored dresser and BAM! Instant interest!

David Bromstead
Can you tell I really like the mirrored pieces as nightstands?

Decor Pad
I also like how this nightstand is almost camouflaged in the room. You can barely see it

This bed frame is amazing! I like how it is still a centerpiece, but it doesn't take away from the bedspread

I enjoy the details on this piece

A different style bed... I like the other one better, but this one is still amazing!

I would have to say, I like the pieces that have something else on them, other than being plain mirrors. Like the circle pattern on this console- I would most definitely have this piece in my living room

Apartment Therapy
And I like this piece because the black really helps to calm down the mirror effect...

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