Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jewelery as Decor

I love accessories, and jewelery!! Always have, always will! Over the years, I have accumulated lots of different pieces of jewelery, and as a result, I now have more than I know what to do with. Although, I have seen plenty of women who have more jewelery than I do ;)

Since I have so much stuff, I have been organizing my wonderful pieces for the past couple months. I am still not where I want to be with that task, but I assure you- it is coming along and will be spectacular! Meanwhile, I thought I would look around and see what other people are doing with their jewelery and how they display their stuff to make it look nice and function properly

Simplified Bee
I really like those clear shelves! The shoes and the jewelery look great together, and would make me want to dress up everyday!

Pottery Barn
More empty picture frames- can't get enough of them! I like how they function as an organizing tool, yet they also showcase the beautiful jewelery

Mustard and Sage
Using adorable knobs certainly does the trick!

Just adored the pic- very glamorous!

Love the idea of using a paper towel holder for a bracelet stand! Perfect!

Asculon Says
I like how there are a couple different ways of display going on here- there are the cute hooks on the wall, the bowls filled with cute goods, and the frame thing that has earrings on it! This is more my style, and I am looking to achieve a look similar to this

Real Simple
An old drawer, decorated with knobs for hanging things, and then the shelves used for small containers for small pieces. Easy to make, and simple- very rewarding!

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