Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In the Garden: Beautiful Clear Morning

Weather this week is amazing! Its the dead of winter, and you would think its summer time! I have been spending the past few days enjoying the weather at the beach, in the yard, gardening, bike rides, and going for walks. My new house has a HUGE back yard, and I have been spending time working in it- I have a looong ways to go!

I was able to capture a few images from the yard this morning...

The roomies red leaf spinach. Gonna have to make a nice salad soon! But see all the weeding that has to get done? And that's after I started weeding!

Lovely lavender bush! I really enjoy the sound of the bees buzzing all around the flowers...

Needs a little trimming...

The adorable little studio in the back yard. Right now we are renting it out to a woman who gives massages back there, as well as waxings and what not. More on this later ;)

I love any type of a palm... The tropical feel is relaxing, and I can almost picture myself on a warm beach.

Dew on grass is another favorite image... Don't know why, but it always has. I almost always have some image similar to this on my desktop :)

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