Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Relaxed State of Mind

This is where I was today...

Soaking up the sun...

And relaxing while listening to natures awesomeness ;)

What is it about the beach that is so relaxing? Perhaps the sound of the waves crashing, or the Sea Lions barking in the distance, or perhaps its the breeze that blows your hair out of your face, or the joy you experience when finding a treasure buried in the sand. All these contribute to my soothed state of mind which is why I love the beach so much.

What is it about a room that makes it relaxing?

A soothing color on the walls and surrounding you

Soft place to rest, soothing visuals for your eyes

And a clean, uncluttered environment... (at least, thats what does it for me!)

And from inspiration of my day, some fun beach decor...

Coral pillow

Driftwood heart wreath
*Mental note*

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